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Support services to nurseries

Deixant emprempta

Educational support: professionals and educational teams in different nurseries.

Educational teams for nurseries are composed by: the direction, a classroom educator  and support staff that accompanies and supports the work being carried out with children.
The people performing educational support, in addition, are responsible for carrying out other services, such as half day elegible, service performance or during holidays, all depending on the organitzational model of each school.
With our project we offer a professional education, specialized and with quality, consistent with the Education Project of the nursery school and coordinated with the education team  of the center education department of municipality concerned. The support team gives continuity and reinforces aspects crafted from school. We believe, for the integration of computers in schools by providing support and spaces for participation and coordination

Welcome service: service that is developed within the framework of the nursery beyond the school hours

It is offered to parents of children the possibility of expanding the educational space of their children beyond the schedules set asschools day, providing quality service, continuous and close to families and children of the nursery. The service can be either in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the organitzational model of the school.

Kitchen integrated management: service that is developed as part of the nursery. We provide the complete management of kitchen professionals trained and qualified for food handling and preparation of meals.

We understand kitchen service as a continuous service with the educational project of the center, complementing the educational work of the school and family.
We work to respond to the specific reality of each center, making a flexible kitchen, dynamic and with quality; but always respecting the needs of nutrition children.
We offer a selection and preparation of menus to ensure the necessary nutrients. Our menus, approved by nutrition professionals, meet the need of progressive incorporation of food, depending on the particular stage of children and other needs that may be taken for medical or cultural reasons.

We offer the possibility to work with ecological and near products.

We collaborate with various agencies and institutions with responsibilities in the service and in the health and nutrition

Summer service: a proposal for extending the service beyond the nursery school calendar, providing for the holidays to continue with the scholarization of the child.

We continue the educational process of children respecting to the center line and methodogical criteria. To carry it out we will coordinate with the directions and educational teams, with the AMPA public administrations. From the organitzation, we work with support staff from the same nursery to facilitate the  continuity of the project and the adaptation of children.


From January 2012, Ziga Zaga has assumed management of the educational support of "Llars d'Infants del Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona". We welcome...
From Ziga Zaga, according to quality criteria, standards and specific requirements for each service and/or area, it is expected and programmed...