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Social Projects

Des de la igualtat, integració i respecte de l'individu

We consider:

The human being as  social being, in a particular social and cultural context. This defines a human being and also redefines it acting on a transforming capacity. It is, therefore, the interaction between the human being and the social environment.

We work:

  • To give the person the necessary tools and mechanisms to develop their skills and abilities in an independent way, in the society where he lives.
  • For a responsible exercicse considering a human being as a citizen with rights and responsibilities.
  • For an egalitarian society, without sex discrimination, race, culture and/or disability.

  • For "... full development of personality in the democratic principles of coexistence and the rights and fundamental freedoms" (Spanish Constitution. Article 27.2)
  • For " an education that promotes, the general culture and can develop skills and the individual understanding, the sense of moral and social responsibility, and become a useful member of society, in equal opportunities" (Declaration Rights of the Child. Principle VII).
  • Taking into account individual differences.
  • Promoting and providing maximum diversification of resources and tools to facilitate participation in the elections, we favour accountability in the process and ripeness level.
  • For overcome the limitations and shortcomings of equal opportunities, getting the most appropiate educational treatment to reach an optimal level of development of full potential. Therefore it is necessary to talk about opportunities for equality and not equality of opportunity.


From January 2012, Ziga Zaga has assumed management of the educational support of "Llars d'Infants del Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona". We welcome...
From Ziga Zaga, according to quality criteria, standards and specific requirements for each service and/or area, it is expected and programmed...