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School canteens

Always learning, supporting and participating

Service of school canteens: An educational proposal to the dining area. Our project is adjusted to the ages, needs and specific project in each center. We work with professional teams, trained and experienced. Always in coordination with the school, AMPA and kitchen service.

The educational project for the dinning midday space, managed by ZIGA ZAGA , focuses on two fundamental aspects:

  • Health education (nutrition, hygiene and rest): Childhood is the fundamental stage to introduce the habits and behaviours that will guide our future diet and health. A health education has to pretend that children develop healthy habits and customs, valuing food like a basic quality of life.
  • Education during leisure time: A time to relax, interact, play and learn. An opportunity to develop motor skills, sensorial, creative and relational. To learn to enjoy the free time in a healthy, funny and in company of adults.


Service management of cooking: We offer the possibility of management of cooking with trained
professionals and qualified for food handling and preparation of meals.

We work to respond to the specific reality of each center, developing a flexible cooking, dynamic and of quality, but always respecting the needs of nutrition of children.

We offer a selection and preparation of menus that guarantee, in addition to the required contribution of nutrients, a food education, for children health and hygiene. Our menus, approved for nutrition professionals, fit the need of the stage and other characteristics that may give cause for health and/or culture.

We offer the possibility to work with local and ecological products.

We collaborate with various agencies and institutions with responsabilities in the service and health nutrition.


From January 2012, Ziga Zaga has assumed management of the educational support of "Llars d'Infants del Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona". We welcome...
From Ziga Zaga, according to quality criteria, standards and specific requirements for each service and/or area, it is expected and programmed...