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Internal training

The education, with small actions, large possibilities

From the entity is designed the internal training plan for all employees based on the needs and interests, always giving priority to the obligatory training in accordance with regulations and current legislation.

The general objectives of the internal training are:

  • To cover possible deficiencies identified in the .
  • Responding to specific issues or interests of the equipment.
  • Promote knowledge, level of participation and involvement in various projects.
  • To consolidate and give cohesion to the teams.
  • To facilitate internal promotion.
  • Optimize the human and material resources.
  • Unify work techniques and professional attitudes

The training is reviewed and launched annually.

Some examples:

  • Working risks.
  • Food manipulation.
  • First Aids.
  • First aids 0-3 years.
  • The welcome and contact with families like educators in support to the nursery school.
  • The development of children during the first three years of life and resources.
  • The infant massage.
  • The game, an educational resource.
  • Education and conflict: the limits.
  • Resources and activities by midday.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Songs as an educational resource
  • Psychomotor school.
  • Musical education.
  • ...


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