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Family spaces

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Services where participating families and children 0-3years, aimed at promoting the knowledge of some aspects of development and the relation with their children.

Baby space: involve children up to 12 months and their families

"We have just been parents, some for the first time, something that often creates insecurities and fears". All experiences are unique, but sharing them with other parents that go through similar situations, can help them to live in a more peaceful way, understanding that they takes part from the process, looking for answers from the various contributions.

Play areas to share: involving children from 12 months and their families.

A place to spend a nice game with our son and daughters. Outdoor or indoor games, to sing or dance... accompanied by professionals who will provide many resources. Given the rhythm and ofte the little time we have, enjoying a moment to share with our children.

Familiar musical area: involve children between 2 months and three years with their families.

Music Education is a pedagogic activity that involves various aspects of child development. The child, since he was a baby, perceive a lot of sounds, and the affective relationship with the adult is the key to understand and develop the capabilities offered by this resource. By emotional simulation through the voice and the contact with the parents, familiar musical spaces introduce the possibilities of the musical world to the children. Families will share this learning with their children and other families, learn new activities and resources.

Workshops: involving children between 2 and 3 years with their families.

A place to enjoy with the little people of plastic language and experimentation activities. Close possibilities with homemade and natural resources avaiable to families. A real discovery for children and a different way to share with our children.

L’escola de pares-mares: xerrades i tallers per a les famílies interessades

An open space where specific issues are so entertaining, participative, with dynamic proposals and practical resources that can help in the education of our children. Some examples: "The food and the menu at home", "Boundaries: The tantrums and no",  "the infant message", "To Sleep!", "Nappies Out!", "Goodbye Pacifier!", "Born to read", etc.


From January 2012, Ziga Zaga has assumed management of the educational support of "Llars d'Infants del Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona". We welcome...
From Ziga Zaga, according to quality criteria, standards and specific requirements for each service and/or area, it is expected and programmed...