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Always learning, supporting and participating

The Casal is a specialized service and of quality in the area of leisure that offers the participants a range of recreational activities in nature, in a framework of education, during school holidays, also facilitating the conciliation of work and family. The teams responsible for the service are professionals, trained and experienced. Are configured to directors, leisure monitors and cooking professionals.

The Casal activities simulate creativity, increases the cultural, social and recreational learning process. Therefore, it favours, the development of children, adolescents and young people.

We work in coordination with the various professionals, institutions or entities with responsabilities in the implementation of activities like could be: management of schools, AMPA, heads of departments of public administration, cooking service, cleaning service, etc.

We offer the possibility of other services under the casal, like morning  and / or afternoon recieved and dining service for casal participants.


From January 2012, Ziga Zaga has assumed management of the educational support of "Llars d'Infants del Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona". We welcome...
From Ziga Zaga, according to quality criteria, standards and specific requirements for each service and/or area, it is expected and programmed...